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Waxing: The Essence of Detailing

Good car detailing jobs make cars look as new as the day they rolled right out of the showroom. It is an intricate process that requires a lot of attention to detail.

Of all the aspects of car detailing, waxing is probably the most important part. There is a common misconception among people is that polishing and waxing is the same. These are actually two different processes.

The importance of car exterior care

Waxing is not purely for aesthetic purposes. The truth is that it is more than a cosmetic makeover. If you value your car’s paint, then it should definitely be a part of your car maintenance routine. It gives your car’s paint finish an added layer of protection.

Most car owners automatically think about what is under the hood when it comes to car maintenance. Not too many of them pay attention to exterior care. While there is nothing wrong with keeping the engine in prime working condition, the truth is that waxing is more important than you might think.

The benefits of waxing

Waxing makes cars extra shiny and roadworthy. While you may not necessarily think of having a squeaky-clean shine as a necessity, remember that you have to take care of your ride. The state of a car can say a lot about the person behind the wheel. Caring for your car’s exterior also boosts the vehicle’s resale value should you decide to sell.

How often should you wax?

Depending on whom you ask, you will most likely get different answers when it comes to how often you should have your car waxed. A good rule of thumb to follow is to wax your car every month and a half or so. There are also long lasting waxes available for you to use. In the end, though, it would generally rely on how much time and money you have.

Gone were the days of incessant scrubbing just to get a smooth sheen that do not last. Car paints and modern wax formulations keep cars shiny for a much longer time.

Waxing is an integral part of car detailing services. Do yourself a favor and take your car for a thorough detailing here at Signature Detailing. We offer an array of exceptional services to make sure all our customers are satisfied. Contact us today to know more.

Wage War Against Nasty Car Odors

Morning commutes, weekend road trips, and errands – these prove how often you get to use your car. Now more than ever, we are bound to the usefulness of our cars to the point they are now a necessity.

Of course, the frequent use subjects your vehicle to wear and tear, but there’s the routine maintenance work you do to counter that. The changing weather patterns affect your chassis as well, although chances are you do some exterior cleaning from time to time.

But where many car owners face a real challenge is the cacophony of odors present in car interiors. Over time, smells accumulate and it can reach a point when it becomes unbearable. Fortunately, there are ways to wage war against these nasty smells.

Watch what you eat

What you do in your car affects the way it smells. As much as possible, avoid eating, drinking, and smoking inside your car to lessen any odor you would hate to smell later on. Fast food meals and cigarette smoke cling to fabric, thus creating an unwelcome odor inside your vehicle.

Let the air in

Sometimes, all your car needs is a dose of fresh air. As your car is almost always enclosed, letting it breathe occasionally prevents the smell of your coffee spill from lingering. A window opening of a few inches can do the trick.

Invest in accessories

Accessories also help you fight these odors. Air fresheners can mask the smell inside your car, while sprays render a more lasting effect. For long-term protection, it’s ideal that you buy seat covers for your car, too. These prevent smells from sticking and protect your seats from damage, especially when you bring your pet in your car. Seat covers are also resistant to water and sweat, making it a good investment.

Of course, there are times when these methods no longer seem to work. When your car is at that point, it’s time you get a detail for it. Signature Detailing will help you with that. No odor is too tough with the thorough cleaning process we do.

Essential Car Detailing Tips

You must have spent a significant amount just to finally get your dream car. This means that it only makes sense to provide it with the maintenance and workmanship that only intricate detailing can give. Carefully implemented detailing jobs can turn your car from the average four-wheeler to a huge source of personal pride as you roll down the streets.

Contrary to what some quarters believe, however, detailing doesn’t just involve a mere washing and waxing of a given car. While that is a necessity, it is simply the first step among many in the process. There is a whole lot more work that comes into play to make a car sparkle and shine.

Inside and out

While your car’s appearance may be important, the condition of what’s inside is truly the most important aspect because it is what’s inside that can be felt by the most important person—you. The reason you bought a high-end luxury performance was for your own comfort and driving ease. What better way to enjoy the driving experience better than with plush, luxury interiors brought about by interior detailing?

An added bonus

Car detailing also gives you an additional boost when reselling your car. While you might not think that regular cleaning may amount to much now, dirt and residue buildup can cause stains and various signs of car deterioration. These signs may give your prospective buyers the idea that your car might not have been maintained properly, which in turn can cause you to lose money from the sale.

Our professional car detailing services afford car owners with great results. With our team’s knowledge and expertise, along with our top-of-the-line equipment, we make sure to exert the effort and time needed to provide optimal results. In addition, our detailing job comes with aftercare services to be sure you maximize the benefits.

Make a habit of having your car detailed regularly. This way, you’ll always have your car interior as clean and plush as the day you rolled your ride right out of the showroom. Contact us today to find out more about our detailing services.

Detailing Specialties for your Car

When it comes to cleaning cars, a mere deluge spewing thoroughly from a hose simply would not do. Your car deserves better. That’s what car detailing experts are for. Think of car detail specialists as artists—the proverbial maestros of their craft. Your car is the canvass upon which we etch our masterpiece.

At Signature Detailing Utah, we are dedicated to keeping your car clean—both inside and out—and shining, as if it just rolled right out of the showroom.

Professional auto detailers often live by the rule of treating car surfaces gently. We treat every car differently and approach them with tailor-fitted detail services. It just makes much more sense for clients to go for the detailing service that offers personalized care for different types of vehicles.

We offer a range of auto detailing services that you can choose from, whether it is for your interior or your exterior. These include the following:

Premium Waxing

All car owners know that the only thing better than a clean car is to have an extra shiny car. Waxing provides you with an extra layer of protection for your vehicle. This means the clear coat won’t be too exposed to all the dirt and grime that come with the road.

Exterior Dressing

Before you have your ride get buffed, polished, or waxed, make sure you choose our exterior dressing service. With our help, you can provide the protection that your car’s trim, rubber moldings, door handles, and even windshield wipers need. Our team will make sure that the final clean-up will be much easier.

Interior Shampooing

Having a clean interior is an important step in observing preventive maintenance for your car. No car owner would want to own a car with filthy and foul-smelling vehicle. With our Interior shampooing service, you are sure to have a clean car especially on the inside.

We provide all these after a careful inspection of your vehicle to make sure what detailing services are necessary. Our elite team of professionals to oversee every aspect of the detailing process to make sure every part of your car is polished clean. Contact us today to know more about these and our other services.