Wage War Against Nasty Car Odors

Morning commutes, weekend road trips, and errands – these prove how often you get to use your car. Now more than ever, we are bound to the usefulness of our cars to the point they are now a necessity.

Of course, the frequent use subjects your vehicle to wear and tear, but there’s the routine maintenance work you do to counter that. The changing weather patterns affect your chassis as well, although chances are you do some exterior cleaning from time to time.

But where many car owners face a real challenge is the cacophony of odors present in car interiors. Over time, smells accumulate and it can reach a point when it becomes unbearable. Fortunately, there are ways to wage war against these nasty smells.

Watch what you eat

What you do in your car affects the way it smells. As much as possible, avoid eating, drinking, and smoking inside your car to lessen any odor you would hate to smell later on. Fast food meals and cigarette smoke cling to fabric, thus creating an unwelcome odor inside your vehicle.

Let the air in

Sometimes, all your car needs is a dose of fresh air. As your car is almost always enclosed, letting it breathe occasionally prevents the smell of your coffee spill from lingering. A window opening of a few inches can do the trick.

Invest in accessories

Accessories also help you fight these odors. Air fresheners can mask the smell inside your car, while sprays render a more lasting effect. For long-term protection, it’s ideal that you buy seat covers for your car, too. These prevent smells from sticking and protect your seats from damage, especially when you bring your pet in your car. Seat covers are also resistant to water and sweat, making it a good investment.

Of course, there are times when these methods no longer seem to work. When your car is at that point, it’s time you get a detail for it. Signature Detailing will help you with that. No odor is too tough with the thorough cleaning process we do.