Waxing: The Essence of Detailing

Good car detailing jobs make cars look as new as the day they rolled right out of the showroom. It is an intricate process that requires a lot of attention to detail.

Of all the aspects of car detailing, waxing is probably the most important part. There is a common misconception among people is that polishing and waxing is the same. These are actually two different processes.

The importance of car exterior care

Waxing is not purely for aesthetic purposes. The truth is that it is more than a cosmetic makeover. If you value your car’s paint, then it should definitely be a part of your car maintenance routine. It gives your car’s paint finish an added layer of protection.

Most car owners automatically think about what is under the hood when it comes to car maintenance. Not too many of them pay attention to exterior care. While there is nothing wrong with keeping the engine in prime working condition, the truth is that waxing is more important than you might think.

The benefits of waxing

Waxing makes cars extra shiny and roadworthy. While you may not necessarily think of having a squeaky-clean shine as a necessity, remember that you have to take care of your ride. The state of a car can say a lot about the person behind the wheel. Caring for your car’s exterior also boosts the vehicle’s resale value should you decide to sell.

How often should you wax?

Depending on whom you ask, you will most likely get different answers when it comes to how often you should have your car waxed. A good rule of thumb to follow is to wax your car every month and a half or so. There are also long lasting waxes available for you to use. In the end, though, it would generally rely on how much time and money you have.

Gone were the days of incessant scrubbing just to get a smooth sheen that do not last. Car paints and modern wax formulations keep cars shiny for a much longer time.

Waxing is an integral part of car detailing services. Do yourself a favor and take your car for a thorough detailing here at Signature Detailing. We offer an array of exceptional services to make sure all our customers are satisfied. Contact us today to know more.